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Powerful cleaning with safe ingredients - get to know why the future of laundry is plastic free
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Extraordinary blend between recyclable packaging and biodegradable ingredients, Baya is unique in the UAE market.

Laundry detergent... a Sheet

Enriched with strong enzymes, our powerful laundry detergent comes as a sheet. Compact and highly effective.

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Saddest time? When they ran out of Spring Breeze scent. Best time? When they launched the Family Packs.


It's fascinating how easy it is to use: adding a few sheets inside the washing machine, and the laundry gets cleaned. Seriously amazing!


My 16 yo daughter is in love with the Sweet Summer scent, so each member of the family has now their own scent. Mine is Crisp Winter and I love it!


It was time to have a local brand in UAE offering cleaning products without plastic! And the ingredients are safe for my sensitive skin - great product!


A Clean Home On a Clean Planet

Research states that by 2050, there will be more plastic in the sea than actual fish. Traditional cleaning products dirty our planet, polluting it with their single-use plastic packaging. Baya uses recyclable cardboard for the packaging, making it Planet Friendly 🌎

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Caring for your family

Our formula, developed by professionals - is tough on stains, but gentle with your laundry and with your skin. Enriched with essential oils and strong enzymes, our ingredients are readily biodegradable.

Our Ingredients

Caring for your wallet

Traditional liquid laundry detergent contains up to 97% water! That means with every purchase of liquid detergent, you are in fact paying for only 3% active ingredients. The rest is just water, used as a filler. Our formula contains only active ingredients, without fillers.

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The environmental odyssey of a plastic laundry detergent jug - A story for grownups

The environmental odyssey of a plastic laundry detergent jug - A story for grownups

Once upon a time, in a factory far away, a plastic laundry detergent jug was born. Created from petroleum-based materials, its production began with the extraction of oil, a process fraught with en...

Parents in action: raising eco-conscious jedis

Parents in action: raising eco-conscious jedis

Discover how families in Dubai are teaching their children about sustainability through real-life actions. From using eco-friendly products like Baya laundry detergent sheets to engaging in compost...

Understanding EWG Ratings

Understanding EWG Ratings

At Baya, we're dedicated to your health and our planet. That's why our laundry detergent sheets are crafted using only the safest ingredients, rated highly by the Environmental Working Group (EWG)....