Parents in action: raising eco-conscious jedis

Parents in action: raising eco-conscious jedis
As environmental awareness grows, many parents are taking proactive steps to instill sustainable values in their children. We spoke with several families who are leading by example, showing their kids the importance of living sustainably through everyday actions. Here’s how these families are making a difference and teaching their children to do the same.

Sarah and Rami – Sustainable Shopping Advocates

Sarah and her husband make a conscious effort to choose products that reduce their household’s impact on the environment. "We use Baya laundry detergent sheets because they eliminate the need for plastic packaging and are incredibly easy to use," Sarah shares. "Explaining these choices to our kids helps them understand the importance of reducing plastic waste."

Lisa  – Composting Champion

Lisa involves her children in her composting routine, turning kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich soil. "It’s a fantastic way to teach the kids about the cycle of life and how nothing in nature truly goes to waste," Lisa explains. "They’re always amazed to see food scraps transform into something that helps our garden grow. Plus, they learn what plastic actually is, and why it shouldn't go in the composting bucket, because plastic won't compost. Having real visuals helps them understand better the threat behind plastic pollution"

Mark S. – Energy Conservationist

Mark teaches his children about energy conservation by involving them in simple household routines. "We make it a game to check that lights are off in the house. We have to finish checking the entire house in under 15 seconds. The kids are competitive and they love to be the winners" he says. "It’s about building habits that they will carry into adulthood."

Jenny  – Urban Gardener

Jenny and her family grow their own herbs. "There’s something special about cooking meals with ingredients we’ve grown ourselves," she notes. "It teaches my children about the effort involved and the environmental benefits of growing food. The kids paint their basil pots, so they treat this like a serious job."

Alicia and Jeff – Advocates of Eco-Friendly Transportation

Alicia and Jeff encourage their family to walk or cycle whenever possible. "It reduces our dependency on the cars, especially here in Dubai, where the car is needed most of the times. We're lucky to live in Sustainable City, so we have the space to walk and gives us quality time together, away from the screens," Jeff adds. "Plus, it’s a great exercise!"

Rebecca H. – Flea Market Enthusiast

Rebecca takes her children to flea markets across Dubai to shop for used items and clothing. "It's about giving a new life to old products," Rebecca explains. "We love finding treasures and it’s a practical lesson in reducing waste." For those interested in exploring, we recommend accessing a list of local flea markets here.

As parents, we have a powerful impact of leading by example. By integrating sustainable practices into our children daily lives and openly discussing the reasons behind these choices, we are nurturing environmentally conscious children who understand the significance of their actions. Us at Baya, we educate our own children that every small step contributes to a larger goal—creating a sustainable future for their own generation.