Sustainably U - A conscious sustainable fashion brand in the UAE

Sustainably U - A conscious sustainable fashion brand in the UAE

In this captivating Baya Talks session, we celebrate women's pivotal role in sustainability, featuring the passionate founder of Sustainably U, Simy. She shares her journey from a new mother inspired to create a better world for her son, to pioneering a sustainable fashion brand in Dubai. Highlighting the trials of local sourcing and the empowerment found in the supportive community of female entrepreneurs in the UAE, she underscores the transformative power of commitment to sustainability. The founder passionately argues that sustainability should be the essence of every business, driven not by profits but by a genuine desire to make a positive impact. For a deeper dive into her inspiring story and insights on making sustainability a way of life, check out the full interview on our YouTube channel Baya Talks.


Baya Talks: Insights from the Female Founder of Sustainably U


This March, Baya shines a spotlight on women leading the way in sustainability, and we've had the privilege of delving into a conversation full of insights and inspiration with the founder of Sustainably U, a Dubai-based, purpose-driven clothing brand. Our discussion traversed the realms of sustainable fashion, the challenges and triumphs of local sourcing, and the indispensable role of women in the sustainability movement.


A Glimpse into Sustainable Fashion


Simy, the founder of Sustainably U, a brand focused on sustainable fashion—a movement that's reshaping the industry into a force for good, shared how her personal journey influenced her drive to create a brand that harmonizes style with environmental stewardship, ensuring our choices today foster a healthier tomorrow.


The Local Sourcing Odyssey


A key pillar of her brand's sustainability ethos is based on outsourcing the raw materials locally, in the UAE. That means that sometimes establishing a supply chain that's both environmentally conscious and economically viable becomes a hurdle, but one that can be easy to navigate with the right amount of resilience and innovation.


Women's Impact on Sustainability


The discussion naturally flowed to the significant impact women have in steering businesses towards sustainable practices, emphasizing the natural tendency of women, in business as well as in sustainability, to bring a nurturing perspective to the table.


Sustainability as the Foundation


Our guest advocated for embedding sustainability into every aspect of the business, from product creation to packaging. She shared how starting with small, intentional actions can collectively lead to monumental changes, inspiring businesses to view sustainability not as an afterthought but as their operational backbone.


Join the Sustainability Journey


Simy, the founder of Sustainably U, as many other women leaders in the sustainable field, serves as a powerful reminder of the role each of us plays in shaping a sustainable future. Her story is a call to action, urging us to make conscious choices that contribute to a more sustainable and equitable world.


For those eager to dive deeper into our conversation, you can watch the whole interview here 

Join Baya in celebrating the contributions of women to sustainability, motivated by the belief that our collective actions can indeed make a difference.